When demolishing, redeveloping or renovating a site, disposing of used construction materials is a key phase that’s often overlooked. After the demolition team has finished toppling concrete structures, excavating foundations and digging up floors, all that material has to go somewhere.

Concrete is tough by nature; a heavy, robust material that we’ve used to build the human-made world around us. It’s laborious and time consuming to break in huge quantities, and even more difficult to transport and dispose of when it’s whole.

That’s where concrete crushing comes in. A concrete crusher makes the removal, disposal and recycling of concrete so much safer, efficient and more manageable.

Using a Concrete Crusher

Concrete crushers are extremely powerful machines but the crushing process itself is simple. Crushers work on basic mechanical principles: leverage, impact, grinding and rolling being some of the techniques employed to break materials apart.

Most crushers can be fed with large slabs and chunks of concrete, up to the size of the crusher’s opening. Crushers can even extract rebar and mesh, separating the concrete from the metal with little effort.

The crusher then produces aggregates and sands as output. The small pieces are far easier to store and transport than large sections of concrete. They’re also excellent aggregates to build with again – giving waste materials a new lease of life, cutting down construction costs and reducing environmental impact.

Recycling Crushed Concrete

From ballast to ballrooms, crushed concrete is full of potential.

Recycled concrete has a wealth of applications. As building material, the aggregates produced by a concrete crusher can be used to form new foundations, or even be mixed with sand and cement to form new, recycled concrete.

Recycling crushed concrete is important – even if it seems unglamourous. It reduces waste significantly. Most of the impact is invisible. But over time, transportation costs, fuel usage and use of raw materials takes its toll. With construction an ongoing process around the world, these little elements all add up to big challenges.

Recycling is our society’s best way of reducing waste – and concrete is no different to cans, plastics and paper. It can (and should) be used again.

Working with K&B Crushers

We’re experts in aggregates. Crushing, sorting, recycling and managing demolition waste is what we do best. Our fully-managed, on-site concrete crushing services can save you time and money.

Our modern and fully maintained fleet of crushers is available to hire, either as a standalone rental or with a member of our team on site – to help you manage your demolition waste disposal in full.

What’s more, we can take any unwanted concrete, rubble and construction waste – and turn it into new building materials. We reduce environmental and economic impact and help bring new buildings to life.

If you’re interested in crushing and recycling concrete with K&B Crushers, talk to us today – call us now on 01235 769984.