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    High-Quality Recycled Aggregates

    K&B Crushers are licensed to accept all types of concrete and hardcore for recycling. From our main concrete recycling centre, based at Southampton Docks, Gate 20, we offer a variety of recycled aggregate products for purchase.

    In addition to accepting materials into the yard for crushing, we can also provide mobile on-site crushing to ensure that all your unwanted demolition waste is processed and disposed of as sustainably as possible. This is an important part of the crushing process as purchasing, using and recycling construction materials is a far more sustainable, financially viable and environmentally friendly option to purchasing material direct from a quarry.

    To ensure all our aggregate products are of the highest quality, we subject them to rigorous testing and screening. This guarantees their compliance as a recycled building material.

    Currently, we offer the following materials as recycled aggregates:

    • Tarmac road planings (subject to availability)

    To find out more about these products, how to purchase them or order directly from us, please visit our aggregates page.

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