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    Recycled Hardcore Aggregates

    At K&B Crushers, we reclaim, recycle and process all unwanted demolition materials to produce a variety of usable aggregates that can then be reinvested in construction. One such aggregate is our recycled hardcore materials. Our hardcore material is the product of crushed concrete which is then appropriately screened and sorted so that is fully compliant with all building regulations in order to maximise its reusability.

    Hardcore Aggregates at K&B Crushers – Aggregate Suppliers

    Hardcore is an invaluable material and is used on the majority of construction sites, from small domestic works through to large scale contracted projects and even on most of our highways. Following, it is important to ensure that as a material it is as sustainably sourced as possible. As a result, at K&B Crushers we ensure that we enhance the production and recyclability of all unwanted demolition waste to make sure that this unwanted material can be processed in such a way that it can be reused effectively.

    Not only is recycled hardcore good for the environment, but from an economic point of view, recycling all your unwanted concrete can boast several benefits. For instance, by crushing and reclaiming concrete on-site, you can save on haulage and new material costs. This process also will also save you time, as it ensures that work on-site can carry on as soon as the crushing has finished.

    At K&B Crushers we can provide a range of recycled hardcore materials. The most popular are listed below:

    Both of these materials are available for order in large tipper loads through to smaller bagged amounts. These can also be collected directly from our recycling plant in Southampton or arranged for nationwide delivery.

    K&B Crushers are also licenced to accept all types of unwanted concrete, hardcore and other demolition waste materials for recycling and processing.

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    All of our aggregate products are vetted via our material screening to ensure that all our products conform with your specifications. To find out more about our aggregates, get in touch today!