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    After any structural foundation has been lain – and left to cure – the next and critical stage is backfilling. What backfilling ensures in a sturdy, robust and immovable foundation which is not only completely necessary from and heath and safety point of view, but foundation failures further down the line can prove to extremely costly. Backfilling involves filling the exterior space around the foundations with a specific material. The most common is a mixture of soil, sand and hardcore. The aim is to eliminate the pressure which is placed on the physical foundations themselves.

    At K&B Crushers, not only can we manage the whole back filling process for you, but we to can provide an appropriate backfill material for your. This material will be a mixture of our recycled aggregates, which can prove a much more sustainable and cost effective method when compared to purchasing aggregates and other materials direct from a quarry.


    Compacting a site which is set for development, is one of the most important stages. This is because it ensures a smooth and even starting point for all foundations and following structures to be grounded on. As the name suggests, by compacting a site you will reduce the air and water space between the materials to make sure the ground is as compact as possible. This is important as it allows the site to then be as strong as possible and as stable as possible by increasing its absorption levels too.

    Our extensive fleet of crushers and other heavy machinery means that we are able to provide a range of compacting services for a range of sites, regardless of terrain.



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