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    The Complete Crushing Solution

    With our range of 30 – 50-tonne crushers, we are able to offer both on-site concrete crushing and off-site concrete crushing if access is more challenging.

    At K&B Crushers we know that following the demolition of a site, removing all unwanted construction waste and they buying in new aggregates for a new build can prove to be a very costly process. To help make this process more cost effective and sustainable we offer comprehensive concrete crushing. This allows you to recycle unwanted demolished materials into useable building materials, saving you both time and money.

    K&B Crushers has an extensive and capable fleet of concrete crushing plants that allows us to recycle all unwanted concrete materials reclaimed during a controlled demolition. This on-site concrete crushing ability can save you more money by negating costs on haulage and landfill.

    Our concrete crushing services can be flexibly delivered. Either as a complete waste management solution following demolition or via individual concrete crusher hire. Each of our crushers will be operated by a fully trained and experienced operator. This ensures that we offer a seamless, safe and professional service every time. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and always ensure we leave sites clean and tidy at the end of the working day with quality materials ready for re-usage.

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    If you require more information on concrete crushing, our available crushers or what aggregates we offer then please get in touch today. Alternatively, book a free site survey by filling in our online form.