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      K&B Crushers has worked alongside various clients throughout the process of the both demolition phases of the former Ford Transit plant and construction of the replacement industrial park which is to take its place. Assisting Hughes and Salvidge with the operated plant from Excavators with processing attachments to a 50tn Crusher and Loading Shovel.

      Having a full dedicated team to undertake all crushing works required on this site, we were able to efficiently manage and crush all the demolition arisings to a 6F2 specification as required.

      With the capabilities of the Loading Shovel, we were able to provide services in stockpiling crushed material, assist with the backfilling of voids and excavations with 6F2 and load 8 wheel tipper trucks with crushed material which was removed from site.

      Following the work with Hughes and Salvidge on the demolition, we were then drafted in the assist Collins Earthworks in the project to remove all slab and foundations and material processing on this site ready for the construction of the new Industrial Park which is to replace the former transit factory.

      Supplying an Operated 48tn Crusher, we worked alongside Collins’ crushers to produce 10’s of thousands of tonnes of material which was also screened to various sizes and specifications for re-use around the site.

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