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    Slab and Foundation Breaking and Removal

    A key part of any site preparation prior to any construction phase is the removal of any existing slab and foundations. This can be as simple as an open area such as a parking facility to the slab and foundations following a structural demolition. K&B Crushers are facilitated with a fleet of Operated Excavators complete with Hydraulic Breaker attachments and specifically enhanced rock buckets to deal with all forms of materials which may constitute the construction of any floor slab or foundation.

    Using our specialist skilled and trained operatives, K&B Crushers undertake all slab and foundation removal in a thorough, methodical process. Keeping the end goal in mind, our method through the removal includes the processing of materials depending on their end use, this providing maximum efficiency through the following stages of the project.

    With the unforeseen elements of working below slab level and should your project offer up such situation, our operatives are experienced in this area to spot and highlight any potential hazards as they may arise. Our operatives are also trained in the removal of non-licenced asbestos which is an element which can and does occur when working with the removal of slab and foundations. K&B Crushers can offer services in dealing with situations such as this to ease the pressure of elements of a project which are unexpected.

    At K&B Crushers we are able to provide services to follow the slab and foundation removal including all crushing and screening services to produce the material you require to specification and can also offer a service to remove both raw and/or processed materials.