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    A reliable material processing service that you can trust

    Materials processing is a key element prior to any crushing works which is to be undertaken on any project. This important process is the foundation to running a fully efficient crushing and recycling phase. Fully processed material ready for recycling can avoid unnecessary breakdowns, save cost in time sorting materials as a stockpile is worked through, save cost in additional machinery and attachments to process throughout the crushing works.

    K&B Crushers can offer full material processing services using our fleet of latest excavators fitted with Hydraulic Breaker attachments and Mechanical Pulverisers. In processing materials in preparation for crushing, we can maximise the time spent crushing the material and also achieve the highest quality material as the end product.
    We are able to offer this service to assist throughout demolition works or to process a stockpile of material that may follow demolition or that you may have acquired over a period of time. Either way, it is highly recommended that this element of work is not bypassed as it is proven to be a very cost and quality effective method.

    An additional element of materials processing comes following the crushing of concrete and hardcore. Should you require material to be processed to a particular highway specification, K&B Crushers can provide a 3-way split screener to achieve such a task, giving an option to produce up to 3 different specification of material. This can be provided as part of set with a crusher or individually should an existing stockpile require further processing.

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