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    Recycled Glass Sand

    Sand is one of the most quarried and hauled building materials in the UK. This is because its uses are wide a varying; from paving and brickwork to the production of glass and windows to its uses in concrete and cement manufacture. As a result, the financial and environmental consequences of meeting this demand are huge. As a result, at K&B Crushers we ensure that all unwanted glass materials are crushed, processed and screened to ensure the highest level of recycling potential.

    Glass Sand at K&B Crushers

    Typically, our glass sand is produced by crushing and screening all unwanted glass materials following the demolition of a site. As a stand alone material, glass sand can be used for a multitude of applications. The most common uses are in landscaping, levelling, paving, drainage and sub-basing. However, glass sand can also be reused in the production of glass and as an additive to help with paving and cement mixing.

    At K&B Crushers all our recycled glass sand is available for purchase in a range of quantities from large 8-wheeled tipper loads right down to smaller bulk bag sizes. These orders can be collected directly from our recycling plant in Southampton or alternatively arranged for delivery.

    As a fully licenced waste management and crusher plant, we are also permitted to accept all types of unwanted glass and other construction waste materials for recycling and reclaiming.

    Although our main concrete recycling centre is based at Southampton Docks, we can also provide on-site crushing to produce a stockpile of reusable glass sand and other aggregate materials following the demolition of a site.

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