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    K&B Crushers provide a concrete crushing solution on-site or off-site

    We can provide either one-off concrete crushing services or a complete demolition waste management service to help you reduce disposal costs, conserve resources and offer a sustainable solution. We offer concrete crushing services across the South of England.

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    At K&B Crushers, we provide comprehensive concrete crushing services with our fleet of 30-50 tonne crushers, offering both on-site and off-site options to suit any access challenges. We understand that after demolishing a site, the process of removing construction waste and purchasing new aggregates for a new build can be highly expensive. To make this process more economical, efficient and sustainable, we offer a complete concrete crushing solution. This service allows you to recycle demolished materials into usable building materials, saving you both time and money.

    Our extensive fleet of concrete crushing plants enables us to recycle all unwanted concrete materials reclaimed during controlled demolitions. By crushing on-site, we help you avoid the high costs associated with haulage and landfill. Our services are flexible, whether you need a complete waste management solution post-demolition or individual concrete crusher hire. Every crusher is operated by a fully trained and experienced operator, ensuring a seamless, safe, and professional service. We take pride in our efficiency and ensure that sites are left clean and tidy at the end of each working day, with high-quality materials ready for reuse.

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      Save Money

      Disposing of rubble can be expensive, especially if you need aggregates to complete your building project. Concrete crushing is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative.

      Reduce Landfill Waste

      Concrete occupies a substantial amount of space in landfills. By crushing it, we can repurpose the material, thereby reducing waste and supporting a sustainable practice.

      Strong & Durable Base Material

      Recycled concrete provides a strong and durable foundation, making it an excellent choice for various construction applications.

      Improved Drainage

      Crushed concrete allows for better water drainage, reducing the risk of pooling and erosion.


      Stage 1 - Site Survey

      We start with a site survey which helps us choose the best crushing solution and provide you with a competitive quote.

      Stage 2 - Crushing Operations

      Our highly trained experts will efficiently manage your concrete waste using the right crusher for the job.

      Stage 3 - Project Completion

      Once the crushing process is complete, our team will remove the crusher from your site and ensure proper clean up.

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      Wide Range of Crushers

      We offer a variety of well-maintained crushers to handle projects of all sizes.

      Experienced & Reliable

      Our team has the expertise and commitment to ensure your project runs smoothly.

      Competitive Rates

      Get the best value for your money with our affordable concrete crusher hire rates.

      Fast & Efficient Service

      We prioritise quick delivery, setup, and project completion to get your job done efficiently.