In what is being heralded as “the largest infrastructure private finance initiative ever,” the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has far surpassed its predicted recycling rates.

Leading the Army Basing Programme (ABP), the MoD is investing in much-needed facilities to allow the army to effectively operate in the UK. Included are 130 new building developments planned across Salisbury Plain and Aldershot training garrisons. There will also be a multitude of improvements elsewhere, including extensions, refurbishments and demolition. All of this is aimed to provide modern single living and working accommodation as an army standard.

The programme itself is being delivered on behalf of the DIO, The MoD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation, by Aspire Defence Capital Works. K&B Crushers have also been heavily involved in this project, especially within the Wiltshire area.

David Keeble, the environmental manager for Aspire Defence Capital Works, commented that “sustainability is at the heart” of the project and is “a key concern for the MoD.” As a result, the contract itself was drafted to ensure landfill was the absolute final resort for all demolition and building waste.

To avoid landfill, all concrete and hardcore arisings have segregated on site from where it is crushed (via K&B Crushers) to aggregates. Repurposing the waste allows it to be used in the development programmes themselves, as a sub-base material for new roads, carparks and foundations.

This stringent processing has resulted in the Army Basing Programme achieving an impressive 92% recycling rate across a range of sites. Keeble continued that “we had (initial) targets to recycle or recover more than 90% of all construction waste, so we’re delighted to have exceeded that figure already this year.”

Recycling Concrete Crushing

Concrete Crushing and Site Clearance

Inert waste, such as concrete, brick, sand and hardcore, arising from any development must be dealt with appropriately. This is because it is often produced in large unmanageable quantities that will not decompose or break down alone. For many construction and demolition companies, the safe disposal and management of inert waste can prove particularly challenging and costly.

On-site and off-site concrete crushing provide a sustainable waste stream option that is also surprisingly cost-effective. Thus, our concrete crushing, site clearance and material processing services recycle demolished materials into usable building materials, saving both time and money -our involvement with the ABP was no different:

By offering demolition, segregation, crushing, removal and aggregate production services, we enabled Aspire Defence and the MoD to surpass their aim of a 90% recycling rate, with responsible and careful waste management that’s something we are all very proud of.

“Our responsibility to the environment within and surrounding the Defence estate is a priority…I am delighted that while delivering improvements to soldiers’ living and working environments, Aspire Defence is demonstrating a positive impact on the wider environment too.” Mark Duddy, ABP programme director.

K&B Crushers

K&B Crushers provides both one-off concrete crushing and complete demolition waste management packages to help reduce disposal costs, implement sustainable waste streams and to help project efficiency.

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