An impact crusher is one of many other crushing machines, such as cone crushers and jaw crushers. Impact crushers are designed to process raw materials like concrete, to reduce them in size for further applications.

This type of machinery is used in a wide range of applications, especially in projects where aggregate crushing is required. An Impactor is different from other crushers due to its process – impact crushers break apart rocks and stones by striking the material, whereas others will use a pressure force.

The benefits of an impact crusher

Impact crushers are incredibly cost-effective compared to other crushing systems. Other machinery such as jaw crushers and cone crushers are regularly used together in projects, so costs can be high. An impact crushing system can work as both a primary and secondary crusher.

This type of machinery has a high reduction rate, high performance and creates great quality end products. The settings can be adjusted or customised depending on the project and can meet any requirements. With such easy maintenance, impact crushers provide a faster service, increase productivity and reduce downtime and costs.

What materials can you process with an impact crusher?

Due to their versatility, impact crushers can recycle materials and process natural rock. Impact crushers are commonly used for crushing coal, limestone, quartz, dolomite and more.

How does an impact crusher work?

Feed falls into the crushing chamber where the plates will propel against the breaker plates. The material is processed at high rates for low costs. The gap between the apron and rotor, and the speed of the rotor, can change the particle size and shape of the crushed material – so the higher the speed, the finer the output.

Machinery at K&B Crushers

All of our crushers offer their own board drive system, which allows for greater flexibility and many optional crushing locations within a site boundary. Maximum site efficiency is always available, due to the ease of mobility of these large machines allowing prime positioning.

Holding a permit and following regulations

We hold a full EA permit for each crusher available for hire, ensuring that all clients meet the regulations that are required during the crushing process. We regularly carry out tests and inspections on all equipment to ensure that it is fit for its purpose.

We can provide advice on the best equipment to meet the requirements of each specific project, providing screening services to help clients produce the correct specification of material throughout the recycling process.

K&B Crushers can help

Offering an array of mobile crushing equipment, we have a wide variety of manufacturers and sizes to select from. We can assess your project and provide you with the right concrete crusher to complete the process with ease, regardless of the project size. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help.