Concrete and rebar construction is one of the most important construction techniques in the world. It’s extremely strong, versatile and quick to build with – and you’ll find it in just about every construction project. When it’s time to demolish, the very thing that makes concrete so useful becomes the biggest hurdle to demolition. Concrete crushers make short work of old building materials – but what are the different types and is there a “best concrete crusher”?

Concrete Crusher Types Explained

There are many different variations of concrete crushers, but we’ll talk about the three main types; jaw crushers, impact crushers and cone crushers.

Jaw Concrete Crusher

Jaw crushers are simple and brutishly strong. They work like nutcrackers, using leverage to amplify pressure. The tapered shape only allows small, crushed material to pass through. Jaw crushers literally chew material up, opening and closing vigorously thanks to heavy flywheels which maintain the momentum spun up by diesel (or electric) motors. Jaw crushers are hard wearing, able to handle abrasive materials with ease – and they’re versatile. Soft to very hard material can be processed, making them a popular choice among demolition professionals.

Impact Crusher

These are split into two main types: horizontal shaft impactors (HSI) and vertical shaft impactors (VSI). HSI crushers are limited to soft materials only, so aren’t well suited to concrete and are better for soft sedimentary rocks. VSI crushers work differently. A high speed rotor “throws” the input material against an inner crushing chamber, splintering it into uniform particles. The size of particles can be determined by the rotor speed. 

Cone Concrete Crusher

Cone crushers are less common. They can’t process rebar reinforced concrete, so their application is limited but they do produce very fine results. They operate with a central cone, pointing upwards, which gyrates against a mantle and outer crushing surface. Material filters down the cone the smaller it gets, eventually being output as anything from backfill material to fine sand.

Is One Type of Crusher Better than Another?

Most demolition experts would agree that jaw crushers are on balance the best concrete crusher to use in most situations. They’re versatile, have a fairly good rate of work and they’re reliable. Other crushers are better suited for rock crushing, but do have their applications in foundation digging and material processing.

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