Demolition, site clearance and construction are usually part of the same story. As old buildings make way for new projects, managing the transition effectively takes planning – and specialist equipment. With our fleet of advanced concrete crushers, K&B Crushers is ready to tackle the most demanding site clearances.

From Rubble to Aggregate to Concrete Again

Demolition waste is a misleading name. After a building is destroyed, almost nothing is wasted at all. Nearly everything can be salvaged for reuse in new buildings: fixtures and fittings can be restored and upcycled, metals can be reused or recycled – even the concrete can be used again.

Making aggregates and backfill material on site is hugely important for project streamlining and cost-saving. With a mobile concrete crusher on site, materials can be processed and reused with no further cost or transportation required.

After a building is gutted for useful materials and torn down, there are varying sizes of rubble to process – ranging from tiny particles to huge slabs.

Bulky, unmanageable waste is usually broken down further for processing on or off site. Excavators can be fitted with a hydraulic breaker in place of a bucket, which can pulverise large slabs into manageable chunks of concrete. A grab arm can then be used to lift the material into a concrete crusher.

A crusher processes these large slabs and chunks of concrete, up to the size of the crusher’s opening. It can efficiently extract rebar and mesh, separating the metal from the concrete – which can then be sold for scrap at good prices. In some cases, rebar can be reused.

The crusher then produces aggregates and sands as output. The small pieces are far easier to store and transport than large sections of concrete. They’re also excellent aggregates to build with again – giving waste materials a new lease of life, cutting down construction costs and reducing environmental impact.

A mobile crusher and supporting machinery can be kept on site for the duration of a project, breaking down waste as it’s created. This means a constant stream of useful, new aggregate material can be made on demand, to be used as backfill or to be mixed into new concrete.

K&B Crushers for Concrete Crushing Solutions

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