Projects require a lot of tidying up, especially in construction or gardening, where there will be a lot of soil and rubble to clear when you’re finished. Knowing the most efficient ways to dispose of rubble will help ensure you choose the right option for building waste disposal. 

13% of construction products are sent to landfill without ever being used on site. There are plenty of other options to consider before getting rid of rubble – including hiring a skip, using a skip bag, hiring a grab lorry or recycling the materials. 

Rubble removal

Clearing up after a project can lead to a lot of leftover rubble to remove. Amongst many options, rubble can be compacted on-site and reused as hardcore for landscaping projects in the future. Depending on the severity of the project, you can hire a specialist to recycle your materials, taking the dedicated time to look through and separate them for you. 

Council household waste recycling centres have recently started restricting the amount of building waste that you can tip without an additional fee and the rules are becoming stricter as time goes on. It is perfectly fine if you are disposing of waste from building work that you carried out yourself, however, if you have hired builders to do so, you must treat any waste as commercial waste rather than household waste. 

The most efficient options for disposing of rubble waste are as follows:

  • Recycle: Concrete rubble, including ceramics, bricks and more can be reused to build roads. It is important that, if your rubble is in suitable condition, you should consider recycling it to take better care and consideration for the environment.
  • Reuse at home: Just like recycling, you can reuse leftover rubble for future DIY projects at home instead of sending it elsewhere. Reusing materials is only effective if you use them efficiently – otherwise, it is better to recycle. 
  • Give to others: While you might not have any upcoming projects to reuse your rubble, someone in your family, friend group or others may need materials for their projects. Social media is a great way to promote items you no longer need without additional hassles, such as Facebook Marketplace. 

Crushing solutions

With an extensive and capable fleet of concrete crushing plants, we have the ability to recycle all unwanted concrete and rubble reclaimed during a controlled demolition. Either as a complete waste management solution following demotion or via individual concrete crusher hire, our services are flexible and delivered with ease. 

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and ensure that we leave sites clean and tidy leaving behind quality materials ready for re-usage. Each of our crushers is operated by fully trained and experienced operators to ensure a seamless, safe and professional service with every project. 

At K&B Crushers, we understand that removing unwanted construction waste and then buying new aggregates can be a costly and time-consuming process. To help with cost-effectiveness and sustainability, we offer concrete crushing, which allows you to recycle unwanted demolished materials into usable building materials, saving you both time and money. Get in touch with us today to find out more.