During the first months of 2020, the British Isles were battered by consecutive storms. Flooding and wind damage have caused chaos – including partial collapses. History has shown us that no building is immune to the forces of nature but when the worst has been unleashed, what can be salvaged?

Ciara and Dennis – Storms that Rattled the UK

Storm Ciara swept across Scotland with immense power, causing flooding, power cuts and damage. 80mph winds blew buses off the road and roofing was torn from buildings. Flood waters stripped foundations from a guesthouse, causing it to collapse.

Before anything could be salvaged, though, a new storm was already in full swing. The following week, storm Dennis was blowing brickwork away from buildings and bringing further flooding to parts of Wales.

These buildings have become unstable and have been evacuated since – but can they be saved?

Salvaging Collapsed and Flooded Buildings

Sometimes, a flood can wash out the foundations of a structure, causing total or partial collapse. Even a partial collapse from the loss of foundations usually means that the building has to be demolished, because the likelihood is that the structure will be unsafe for use. If the floodwaters have been slow moving, the foundations might be unharmed – but a structural surveyor would have to make the final call.

Depending on the root cause and severity of a partial collapse (high winds for example), fallen materials may be salvageable for repair. In either case, the damaged building needs to be secured – keeping it safe from further damage, causing injury or trespassing – before a full inspection can be carried out.

Can Water Damage Concrete?

Yes – standing water can cause scaling, which if left untreated, can cause deep cracks. Fixing a deep rooted cracking issue is painstaking, and could lead to demolition if left unresolved. The good news is that even if water damaged concrete can’t be repaired, it can be recycled – with a concrete crusher.

The crushed concrete can be used as aggregate and backfill for a new generation of buildings, or even to rebuild on the site damaged by a storm.

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