Mobile crushing plants, also known as mobile crushers, are often used for their multiple capabilities, such as stone, waste and building material crushing. The main purpose of the plant is to reduce the size of larger rocks. 

While standard crushing plants offer similar solutions, mobile crushing plants have added unique benefits – replacing stationary crushing systems as a first option, since they reduce the need for hauling, cut operational costs, and are easily movable on and between production sites. 

Cost savings 

A primary benefit of mobile crushing plants is that they can operate on-site, which eliminates the need to transport materials back and forth from a crushing plant. Mobile crushers can deliver the crushed product itself, significantly reducing transport costs if you were to use a static crushing system. 

Unlike mobile crushers, stationary crushing plants require a significant amount of time to install, it may take weeks before it is even functional for use. Mobile crushers do not require instalments and can travel through all types of terrain – lowering processing and operating costs as well as transportation costs – which is due to the plant’s mobility, high work capacity and compactness. 

Mobile crushers can crush materials, screen and then transport them to the right location – this is a process that would usually require three machines, meaning that the mobile crusher would save three times the cost of the usual procedure.

Levels of efficiency and the ability to adapt 

Mobile crushers are the most advanced in crushing technology, offering higher levels of efficiency in comparison to standard crushers. No process is too difficult for a strong mobile operation, as they can position and re-position the machine to where they are working – reducing the requirement for excess machines when transporting materials. 

While they can work on their own, mobile crushers can work with other machines and product requirements to offer a more flexible process. For example, a mobile jaw crusher provides personal customisation to meet the specific requirements of the customer. With flexible configuration, mobile jaw crushers can quickly meet any expected production targets – making mobile crushing plants a machine that can meet the needs of every job with ease.


Along with the ability to crush materials, mobile crushing plants can carry out pre-screening and fine-screening, meaning the machine can screen, crush and dispose of materials at the same time, all while providing a level of mobility that allows for a much more versatile offering compared to static crushers. 

How K&B Crushers can help 

Here at K&B Crushers, each mobile concrete crusher for hire is fully equipped with its own dust suppression system. With a water supply, we can directly connect to each crusher to minimise dust and dampen down the crushed material as it is processed by the crushing equipment.

Our crushers offer their own board drive system, allowing for greater flexibility of optional crushing locations within a site boundary. With the ease of the mobility of these large machines, prime positioning for maximum site efficiency is always provided. We advise our clients on the most practical positioning of the crushing plant to help minimise both dust and noise to the site and the surrounding vicinity.

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