It’s easier to hire a concrete crusher than ever before, but making sure the whole process of hiring a crusher from start to finish is covered isn’t always as straightforward. Traditional plant hire gives you the equipment, but K&B Crushers gives you the full service. Find out how crusher hire works with us.

About Concrete Crushers

A concrete crusher does exactly what it says on the tin. After being reduced in size by a hydraulic hammer, solid pieces of concrete go into one end of the crusher and a conveyer belt of aggregate material comes out of the other. It’s a simple enough concept, with a complex process behind it. As with any piece of machinery, proper maintenance is absolutely imperative. The entire fleet of crushers operated and hired out by K&B Crushers is modern, immaculately maintained, and always ready to go.

At K&B Crushers, we have a variety of crusher sizes and work rates, ranging from 60 to 90 tonnes per hour. We have crusher types suited to different materials, processes and situations. Read on to find out more.

What Size and Type of Concrete Crusher to Choose

There are a few different types of concrete crusher to choose from and which one to hire depends on the site and the condition of the concrete that’s going to be crushed.

Jaw Crushers

A jaw crusher works like a giant nutcracker, using a pivot and the power of leverage to crush material between its jaws. The powered jaws literally chew the material up before passing on only the small, broken-down pieces. Jaw crushers work well in processing abrasive materials but they cannot process soaking wet materials. This must be kept in mind when choosing a crusher to hire.


Concrete crusher sizing is based on two measures – the work rate and the physical size of the feed area. A bigger feed area can accept larger chunks of material for processing, while a higher work rate processes more material at a time. K&B Crushers has a range of sizes and work rates available to meet your specific needs.

Still not Sure Which Machine?

K&B Crushers can provide a free site survey to help you establish exactly what it is you need to complete a project on time and on budget.

Book a free building site survey online or call us on 01235 769984.

What Happens After Crushing?

Our fleet of concrete crushers isn’t the whole story: the real key to running a smooth operation is all the services around crusher hire, including the removal of materials, plant transport and initial site clearance. Crushed materials can be repurposed for use as foundation building materials – minimising waste and cost. With an option to hire operated crushers, materials can be sorted by size and specification, opening up a whole host of new uses for waste materials.

If you’re interested in hiring a crusher with K&B Crushers, talk to us today – call 01235 769984.