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Choosing Aggregates for a Project

The right aggregate is different for each situation. Density and grain size dictate stability and compression, draining and absorption – key factors to consider when building foundations or backfilling.

Hardcore and Concrete Aggregates

Hardcore is the name given to materials of low absorbency and high resistance, crushed from quarry waste, demolition waste or crushed rock. After screening, different grades are extracted and sorted into usable aggregates. Concrete aggregates are (unsurprisingly) made of crushed concrete – but they also fall under the hardcore umbrella and are formed from reclaimed demolition waste.

Type 1 Crushed Concrete

The contents of type 1 aggregate range in size; from 50mm pieces down to dust particles. When compacted, the different grain sizes naturally interlock, forming an extremely stable load-bearing surface. Type 1 aggregate makes an excellent sub-base for paths and walkways.

6F5 Aggregate

Coarse and heavy, this crushed concrete and hardcore blend is a versatile heavy-duty material. Suitable for levelling, backfilling and as a sub-base layer for roads and railway, 6F5 aggregate makes quick work of large areas. It makes an excellent first layer and when compacted is extremely hard wearing.

Recycled Aggregates

Other aggregate materials are wholly sourced from recycled waste, making them cheap, plentiful and flexible for a variety of uses.

Recycled Glass Sand

Glass recycling extends beyond bottles and jars. By crushing and milling glass reclaimed from demolition, a fine sand can be produced that has a huge range of uses, including making new glass. Recycled glass sand can be used in place of sharp sand – and because of its lower density, the same weight of glass sand covers more area than sharp sand can.

Where Our Aggregates Come From

All of our aggregates are recycled.

Recycled aggregates are a cheaper, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly alternative to newly extracted quarry materials. Recycling materials in this way reduces the burden that primary aggregate quarrying has on the planet – a problem that must be addressed to ensure sustainable human development.

We accept and source materials from across the country, offering nationwide site clearance, foundation removal, backfilling and compacting services to name but a few.

From our base at Southampton Docks, Gate 20, we crush and sort materials, ready to build with.

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All of our aggregate products are vetted via our material screening to ensure that all our products conform with your specifications. To find out more about our aggregates, get in touch today!